The Golden Globes: Bringing on the Black Parade

All anyone can talk about is the intriguing black attire seen at the 2018 Golden Globes. To bring awareness to sexual assault, the award show reflected the past year of Hollywood sex offenders similar to Harvey Weinstien, who sexually harassed and assaulted women. Celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Emma Watson, James Franco and countless others donned black in trying to show support for survivors. Though empowering, the movement has many asking this: are the Golden Globes, and other award events, the proper places to raise awareness of abuse and/or political problems?

Many people support the Golden Globes’ decision, while others disagree. Many took to Twitter to state their opposition. “ … Real change isn’t wearing a dress. It’s kicking the evil slime out of the industry and not allowing them back. Action overrides a dress,” said Kaya on Twitter.

Joshua Culbertson, a freshman general studies major from Cedar City, said  “Of course it is an appropriate place to raise awareness. It is always appropriate to raise awareness.”

Sabrina Hudson, a freshman majoring in exploratory studies from Payson, said freedom of speech is a beautiful thing, and it takes a great platform to get things done.

“However people watch these things to be entertained, not to listen to a constant stream of political rhetoric. If I want politics, I can listen to talk radio.”

Oprah Winfrey, along with many others such as Natalie Portman and Frances McDormand, gave beautiful speeches and made rousing comments to support the cause that included women’s rights and support to those involved with sexual misconduct.  However,  other references to victims and sappy one-liners showed little to no sympathy.

There was no long-lasting respect. If the Golden Globes truly wished to bring awareness and show support towards sexual assault victims, they would have done a lot more than wear black for one night. While wearing black clothing draws attention to an ongoing problem, this doesn’t hide the fact that many celebrities were forced to remain silent on the subject of sexual assault and harassment for many years. Celebrities and hosts showed support in an unsupportive way. Their arrogance knows no boundaries, and Hollywood, California is pulling the wool over our eyes once again.

The “night of awareness” would have had a longer impact if it asked for donations, or possibly addressed the situation more seriously. These celebrities are world-wide influencers and could have gone all out and used the Golden Globes as more of a true platform to talk about and make suggestions for progress or change in the industry to find a permanent solution to the habitual predators and sex offenders of not only Hollywood but the world over.

Though a fashion statement, the emotional scars of such abuse cannot be covered with black tuxedos and dark grey dresses. Given that fact, the Golden Globes were nothing more than a public display of black.

Story By
Cassidy Jasperson for SUU News

Photo Courtesy of Golden Globes