Club Feature: Simply Smashing

On Wednesday evenings, a group of about 10-12 students gather weekly to do what they love: play Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros. is a game in which characters from various Nintendo games, like Mario or Pokemon, battle in an arena.

Competitively focused, the games are played in one-on-one battles with certain stages, no items and a set number of lives.

Students are able to come and play for fun or practice their skills. Anyone can bring their own systems to set up and join in on the fun.

“It’s nice to meet other students I don’t usually see on campus and have a good time playing the game” said active member and SUU student Oslin Guillen. “Smash Club is special to me because it’s where I can play and socialize with others who enjoy the same hobby.”

Of the four Super Smash Bros. games, the club focuses on Melee (for the Nintendo GameCube) and Smash 4 for the Wii U.

On Thursdays the club takes trips down to St. George to the Comics Plus Comic Book Store to compete in a tournament.

“If you ever happen to walk through the student center on a Wednesday evening and see a group of silly folks playing in the living room, feel free to drop in and join us” said Guillen. “Whether you are familiar with the game or have never held a GameCube controller before, we welcome everyone and anyone to come and have a good laugh with us.”

The club meets at 4:30 p.m. in the Sharwan Smith Student Center living room on Wednesday nights. They also help host a weekly tournament at Comics Plus in St. George on Thursday evenings. For more information, follow the Southern Utah Smash Facebook page.

Story by
William Robertson for SUU News