A Page from Jenna’s Journal: Thanksgiving

Photo Courtesy of Gabriel Garcia Marengo on Unsplash

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I can hardly believe it! With three and a half weeks left this semester, my mind has been preoccupied. Here are some things I am doing to get into the spirit of the holiday and find time to relax.

1. Clear the Schedule

We all know we’re supposed to do our homework before we play, but let’s be honest: responsibility is no fun. Make your life easier and get ahead on homework this week, so your schedule and your mind will be ready to visit the family.

2. Watch a Classic

There’s nothing like a good holiday classic. Pop in “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” or a Christmas movie that starts in Thanksgiving like “Miracle on 34th Street.” Do whatever tradition you love to feel the holiday spirit.

3. Try a New Recipe

If you grew up in a family like mine, everyone helps with Thanksgiving dinner. This can be a great bonding and “taste-testing” experience throughout the day. Now that I’ve moved away and have an oven, I’m excited to try new recipes to share with my family. Being in college can be a sweet spot for trial and error in Thanksgiving prep.

4. Be Thankful

Think back on the last year and thank your family members, friends and yourself. Afterall, if you passed a class in the last year, you’ve worked hard for yourself! You can also “Thank a Giver” at this week’s event.

Best of luck this holiday T-Birds. You’ve worked hard and you deserve the break.