Hiking with Pepper Jack

The best way that I can think to spend time outdoors is hiking; and my favorite hiking partner is my mini Aussie-Collie: Pepper Jack.

My family lives in an apartment in Southern Nevada that had just enough room for a small puppy to run around and play, but for a dog that is the equivalent of a small wolf, a little more room is needed. Luckily, living in Southern Nevada means that there are a lot of open desert and trails.

“I don’t have a standard time for hiking when I go by myself, but all of that changes when I take my dog with me.” With Pepper Jack, hiking means getting up with the sunrise and walking out into the desert until he decides he’s ready to head back to the house.

I would say that at least over the holidays when I am home, I go hiking as a way to make sure Pepper Jack gets the exercise that he needs to be a happy and healthy dog. However, it is also a great way for me to have the opportunity to enjoy the desert and its beauty that is so often overlooked. Even if most of my attention is being taken up looking after Pepper Jack and watching out for wild animals and cactus.

Story By
Carlee Jo Blumenthal