Breaking News: Bomb Threat at Cedar City Walmart

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Cedar City Police Department (CCPD), State Troopers and Utah Highway Patrol investigated a bomb threat from an unidentified man at the Walmart Supercenter on 1330 S. Providence Center Drive on Sunday at around 2:30 p.m.

The threat was concerning a green RV in a northwest parking stall.

Cedar City’s Sgt. Jerry Womack said the CCPD was informed by Walmart employees that two men were arguing in the parking lot. When an employee approached the men, one responded that he was tired of being harassed and had a bomb on sight in his van. Womack said the men are not residents of Cedar City.

“We have two people in custody at this time, and the possibility of it being real is remote, but we have the bomb squad coming from (St.) George to make sure,” CCPD said in a post on their Facebook page. “We are asking you (to) stay away from the area until it is clear. Walmart and surrounding area are being evacuated.”

The store has been evacuated, and police have taped the surrounding area. The police asked residents to stay 100 yards away from the store, while the scene remained active. The St. George Bomb Squad followed up on the threat.

Whitney Matterfis, a senior graphic design major, said as she and other SUU students were checking out of the store, they were asked to go towards the back and waited for 30 minutes until Walmart was cleared to leave.

“Traffic is being rerouted north and south at the intersection of Cross Hollows and Royal Hunte Dr. and traffic is being turned around on Cross Hollows Eastbound, just West of Walmart,” CCPD said.

No information has been reported regarding the evacuation of Walmart staff. Though Walmart was opened to the public at around 5:30 p.m.

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Samantha Burfiend & Mitchell Quartz &

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