Strapped for Cash? Check out these student discounts

During the fun years of college you get the exciting title of “poor college student” or “starving college student.” It’s time to put those stereotypes to rest.

For many college students, money is something that comes up quite a bit in a negative aspect. Between the high cost of tuition, books, housing and groceries, it can add up quicker than you think. Luckily, students can get crazy good deals to make up for it! Being a student doesn’t last forever and neither do the discounts so why not take advantage of them?

The Cedar City community is greatly absorbed and devoted to SUU and their students. Many places around town offer student discounts as well as discounts for SUU students’ parents.

Places such as Charles, All American Diner, The Grind, Jiffy Lube and more offer discounts just for showing a student ID card. Cedar City gives SUU students great discounts such as $35 student passes to ALL shows for the Utah Shakespeare Festival.

Parents of SUU students also get discounts such as 20 percent off Best Western Town & Country Inn, Cedar City Holiday Inn Express & Suites, Cedar City Hampton Inn, Springhill Suites, Big Yellow Inn, etc.

Students can also purchase a starving student discount card that includes over 200 discounts to places all around town–Places such as Tropical Smoothie, UPS, McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, Wingers and more!

Not only does it pay to be a student at SUU, but it also pays to be a student in general. Students get discounts to countless places, such as:







Apple Music


State Farm

Jiffy Lube




Take advantage of the discounts. Get out there and save!

To find more places with student discounts you can look at websites, like these ones here and here

Story by
Tatym Anderson

Photo by Nikita Andreev