Close to Campus: Three Peaks

Being 13 miles from campus, Three Peaks Recreation Areas it is a great destination for those wanting to get outdoors without having to travel far. Its volcanic and granite formations create over 6,500 acres of terrain perfect for outdoor activities.

This adventure-worthy landscape has over 27 miles of trails for mountain biking (often used for bike races) and 42 miles of OHV and ATV trails. Most OHV routes are classic two-track roads. ATV’s are only allowed to ride in marked areas.

The volcanic formations are popular for rock crawling, and target shooting areas are on the western rim. Three Peaks features both long and short range, but shooting is prohibited in all other areas. Several 4×4 rock crawling competitions are held throughout the fall season.

The northern section of Three Peaks is an aviation field with a runway. The flying field obeys the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) guidelines and standards.

Horses are permitted in all parts of the recreation area besides biking trails. Due to the varied terrain, Three Peaks is a popular location for equestrian training. There are both gentle incline and decline slopes and steep hills. Equestrian staging areas are located near the welcome kiosk.

A complete 18-hole championship level disk golf course is available for all level types. Playing the full course can take up to three hours. Discs are not provided, but can be rented from the Bureau of Land Management Office located at 176 Dl Sargent Dr., Cedar City.

There are two picnic areas available upon request with pavilions, tables, fire pits, parking lots and restrooms for group events along with several camping grounds.

Three Peaks is open year-round. Call the Bureau of Land Management for more information at 435-586-2401.

Story By
Ansleigh Mikesell