Club Feature: Learning to Swing

Every Wednesday night, the country dance club meets in the Multipurpose Center gym to do what they love: dance.

For about two hours, the club teaches and dances a wide variety of various kinds of country dance.

The club started off with the introduction of a couple of line dances. The instructors, about 13 in total, helped guide their fellow students through the steps. After a couple times of practice a song would be put on, and the group would dance in time.

The line dance serves as a sort of introduction to the night’s various dances.

Throughout the couple of hours that the club runs, the time is split up into blocks to help students of various skill levels.

All of the students and instructors are broken up into beginning, intermediate, and advanced sections when learning swing dance. Dancers are able to pair up with individuals of the same skill level.

With a lot of smiling faces and country music, there are many ways the club shows that it is open to anyone with any skill level.

The club is also open for students who just want to dance.

Most of the time in the meeting is set aside to dance. For beginners, this means more time to practice the moves they’ve just learned. More experienced dancers are able to move to the music and enjoy themselves.

The focus is on enjoying country dance.


Story by
William Robertson