Reaching New Students Through Social Media

A few weeks ago, a crop of new and nontraditional students were introduced to college life in a unique process thanks to technology that is here to stay.

Thunder U is best known for using diverse ways to introduce freshmen and non-traditional students to SUU. Some of these include: TAVI poles, nations based off of different interests, over-the-top games to win prizes, some of the school’s captains/staff in costumes, dances as part of the tradition and a celebratory ceremony called a “new-student induction,” which commemorates the annual entrance into the university. This event is followed up by a tradition where students have the privilege to walk under the Bell Tower, officially kicking off their tenure as a student at SUU.

This year’s induction took a huge step forward thanks to social media. These threads make it possible to reach out to students and alumni in a fantastic way to show off some of the highlights of whatever event is unfolding on campus at the moment.

SUU provides an endless variety of opportunities to help students adjust to college once classes get started for the semester. One of the resources that the students can find on campus include Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) where students can talk to a counselor about their feelings on things like being away from home for the first time ever, their family life, upcoming plans for the future and other concerns.

SUU has many events to give students a chance to interact with others who are in the same boat with them, with activities such as Bread and Soup Night and the Food and Faith BBQ at the beginning of the fall semester. These events are followed by more fun events including Paint the Town Red and the Paint Dance, where students have a chance to cover themselves in paint while dancing to some of their favorite tunes and remixes.

And let’s not forget SUU sports where students can cheer on the T-Birds. One-of-a-kind clubs also provide a good way for students to get involved using the same methods as the First Year Experience (FYE) office.

SUU also provides a helpful staff of people called the Assistant Coaches for Excellence and Success (ACES), that tell students about the activities SUU provides. ACES answer questions and give advice through email to help students through their first semesters smoothly. They help students feel needed by connecting with them through social media.

To this day, the social media app craze still stands out as a neat way to reach out to any level of student, alumni, faculty, or other types of positions in the world. SUU continues to give opportunities to promote the fun side of being in college for non-traditional and first-time students.

Story by
Dan Lauper