New Art Galleries Around Town

Thrilling things are happening for the arts department here in Cedar City. Inside the city library there are open galleries where the community is welcome to showcase their talents as well as around the city.

Library director Steven Decker and assistant librarian Lauren McAfee will be directing this new and exciting visual arts component in hopes to excite and include the community. The gallery has been a huge victory so far and Decker is ecstatic.

“Adding a new aspect the to the city to include visual arts thereby utilizing various gallery spaces available within the city,” Decker said. With the backing from Mayor Wilson, this concept is now coming to life

One can look forward to seeing these gallery spaces in places such as airports, the city offices, the council chambers, the aquatics center, the heritage center and festival halls and the Cedar City library in the park.

In addition to the galleries, the library is adding visual art in its regular programming. Members of the community can participate in all kinds of programs from an adult coloring club in the summer to a weekly themed art night at the library where participants learn and practice creating artwork with artists or SUU students.

Make sure to visit for more upcoming events like these.

To acquire more information on becoming a mentor for this program, please email Library Director Steven Decker at

Story by
Tatym Anderson for SUU News