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Let’s preface this with a slightly unpopular opinion: I do not like Taylor Swift. I haven’t been a Swiftie since her self-titled album when she was still writing country songs about Drew and leaving tears on her guitar.

With that being said, this next thing is hard for me to admit: I can’t seem to stop jamming to her newest song, “Ready For It.”

“Ready For It” is the second track to be released off of Swift’s upcoming sixth studio album “Reputation,” set to drop Nov. 10. This track comes after the release of the album’s first single “Look What You Made Me Do,” which hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100 with the music video breaking the record for most views within 24 hours, hitting 43.2 million views.

This song, “Ready For It” has your basic T-Swift set up–a song about a boy–however, this strays from her classic break-up song and rather paints a picture from a girl’s point of view enticing the boy to be with her.

“In the middle of the night in my dreams, you should see the things we do baby,” Swift says in the song. The main chorus line suggests that the girl is tempting her suitor and telling him to partake in her game of love.

Rather than sticking to the catchy pop format, “Ready For It” strays from the typical stylings of Swift and instead has a rap feel to it. The thought of a rapping Taylor Swift may lead listeners to question the validity of this song, but that’s exactly what draws them in. The song transitions pretty flawlessly from an R&B style rap to a catchy melodic chorus that has you singing along whether you want to or not.

“Ready For It” is a catchy tune telling a story of a cat and mouse through bass lines and easy to sing-along choruses that will have even the most skeptical Swifties, like me, jamming until the release of the full length album, “Reputation.”

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Tia Wilson for SUU News