Ashcroft Observatory Open to the Public Monday Nights

As of Monday, Sept. 18, the Ashcroft Observatory, located on the hill of Westview Drive, is now open weekly. During the school year, every Monday night the Cedar City observatory hosts free stargazing guidance to the public. Now that fall semester is in full swing, these nights are again in effect.

Ever since the observatory’s opening in the early 1970s, its main focus has been keeping the community involved in local resources and providing learning opportunities. Every Monday, staff are prepared to explain astrology and guide constellation exploration.

These spectacular nights attract different audiences. School, religious and scout groups all take advantage of this educational stargazing. Date nights and friend outings also are common at the observatory.

Christopher Dimond, a freshman photography major is excited for the chance to go to Ashcroft to practice astrophotography (taking pictures of the stars), “There is no better way for [me] to feel a part of something than being under the stars,” He said.

Photo courtesy of Christopher Dimond.

For interested parties, it is recommend to arrive at the Ashcroft observatory as the sun sets. Once the sky darkens, staff will begin their presentations. But why not be there early to witness the sunset as well? For more information call (435) 586- 1409.

Story By
Ansleigh Mikesell