SUU Officially Trademarked as “UNIVERSITY OF THE PARKS”

Photo courtesy of Southern Utah University.

After months of hard work from the university marketing team, Southern Utah University is now officially trademarked as the “University of the Parks.” With more than 20 National Parks, monuments and other recreation areas within a five-hour drive of Cedar City, the “University of the Parks” title is recognition of SUU’s unique location along with the different opportunities available for students to access such world renowned scenery.

SUU Outdoors offers free weekly trips for all students to participate in outdoor recreation. These trips include camping, mountain biking, rock climbing, caving, skiing and more.

Kevin Koontz, 4-year SUU Outdoors Manager said, “I see this designation as SUU’s commitment to public lands, sustainability, the value of wild places, and the benefits that the outdoors serve on an individual’s health, emotional wellbeing and overall happiness.”

SUU undergraduates also have the opportunity to study full-time while living in Bryce Canyon National Park, called a “Semester in the Parks.” This program is designed to provide a creative learning experience off-campus. Students are provided with on-site classes in outdoor recreation, library science, biology and communication.

“SUU is committed to giving students every opportunity to explore their natural surroundings and excel outside of the classroom,” said Assistant Marketing Director, Nikki Koontz, in SUU’s news press release. “Whether students get involved academically, recreationally or through volunteer efforts, their opportunities are endless at the University of the Parks.”

Story By
Ansleigh Mikesell