Chartwells Catering Transitioning to SUU Dining Services

Ansleigh Mikesell

Chartwells Catering has been the number one dining provider in Cedar City for years. As of August, some major transitions are occurring that will change the face of Southern Utah University’s food services.

With the help of SUU’s Executive Director of Brand Strategy & Marketing Communication Ellen Treanor, Chartwells is now known as SUU Dining Services. This name change is imperative to their desire to become more united with the university.

“We are here to feed the students,” Marketing Manager, Natasha Green, said. “We are just as much a part of T-Bird Nation as anybody else, even if we are not technically connected to the university… we have a lot of pride for this school.”

The Cedar City branch is just a portion of the franchise undergoing changes. “We are kind of like Batman,” Green said, “To the school we are known as SUU Dining Services … [But] on the underneath, like Bruce Wayne, we are still Chartwells employees, having to answer to other corporate bosses.”

According to Green, rebranding a company is a lot of work and typically takes about a year to fully acclimate. Major attributes like websites and signs around campus are currently being transformed. Slowly, the transition will filter down into the smaller details.

During these stages, some aspects of dining services might remain confusing to students. Some employees might be seen in Chartwells attire while others are sporting the new SUU Dining Services uniforms.  

Along with the rebranding, SUU Dining Services is now offering a student-friendly catering menu. This four-paged simplified menu is an inexpensive option with larger quantities of food. Most dishes divide out to costing only $2 a plate.

Regular custom menus will still be offered. Green emphasized that SUU Dining is always willing to work within a student’s budget.

Other changes in SUU Dining that students might notice are the new take-out restaurants in the Sharwan Smith Student Center. Fat Zeus, a greek styled cuisine, has taken over what used to be T-Bird Grill. Burgers can still be found on the menu for the habitual eaters on campus. And what once was Crisp is now called Sono, a Mexican food restaurant with $2 tacos perfect for taco Tuesday.

SUU Dining Services, though dedicated to on-campus events, also cater for outside business, weddings and other events. For more information, or to plan an event, visit their website or call (435)586-7781