Ballroom Dance Company presents fall showcase

Southern Utah University’s Ballroom Dance Company did not disappoint as they showed off their talent during the year’s fall showcase, held on Nov. 8. The tour team, intermediate team and beginner team all took turns showing off their hard work.

Given that the crowd was encouraged to cheer loud, there were screams of support for the dancers as the tour team began their first dance of the night: the jive. Dancing to “Proud Mary,” by Tina Turner, the dancers embodied the enthusiastic and upbeat choreography of choreographer Chandler Guzzle.

Guzzle, who was also the director of the event, mentioned in the event’s pamphlet, “Their talent and ability to learn quickly and effectively never ceases to amaze me but wow, was I really impressed this semester!”

Each dance told its own story, ranging from duets, all female numbers and entire group productions. Attendee Anna Taylor was particularly impressed by the Viennese Waltz to “Hamilton” song “Burn,” performed by the tour team, that was also choreographed by Guzzle. The dance being inspired by “Hamilton” was what immediately drew Taylor in.

“It was definitely my favorite piece of the night,” explained Taylor. “I loved that they perfected the emotion from the musical through their dance.”

Cultural dances were also performed by the SUU Pacific Islander Student Association and the Latine Student Alliance Dance Team. Both performances were a hit to the crowd.

The tour team ended the night with an emotional piece that willed the crowd to a standing ovation.

Story by: Savanah Torgerson
Photos by: Bria Hansen
Editor: Tessa Cheshire