SUU Outdoors to host outdoor yoga

SUU Outdoors will hold an outdoor yoga event Nov. 2 on the Library Quad at 6 p.m. This event is free and open to all students, faculty and community members who want to participate.

Alicia Peterson, the event’s instructor, invites everyone to attend. “Yoga is for everybody. I once heard this put [that] yoga is for every body,” said Peterson. “Whether you have never tried it, don’t feel flexible, in shape or advanced, we would love to have you join us.”

There are many benefits to practicing yoga outside. Bailee Howe, the SUU Outdoors event coordinator, believes yoga can benefit your mind and body.

“Outside yoga is a good way to clear the mind and feel relaxed while getting a little bit of a workout. It’s a good break from homework or work and can help reset you and make you feel better,” said Howe. 

Many students use exercise as a reprieve from their everyday responsibilities but don’t realize there is more to gain. 

“Yoga is a great exercise with not only physical benefits but also emotional,” said Peterson. “You will get your blood flowing while focusing on breath, checking in with yourself, getting to know others, stretching and strengthening.”

Howe urges all participants to bring the items necessary for them to be comfortable, as no equipment will be provided. These include a yoga mat or blanket to stand on as well as comfortable clothing. 

The event will be held outside, but if there is poor weather, the event will be switched indoors to the J.L. Sorenson P.E. Building.

Grab a friend and join Peterson and Howe as they coordinate the first outdoor yoga event of November.


Author: Caden Houchin
Photos courtesy of SUU
Editor: Lily Brunson