‘Baby Teeth’: A podcast about growing up

SUU News Podcasting brings us “Baby Teeth,” a whimsical podcast from Lily Brunson and Chloe Copeland. Their show is a joyful dive into the nostalgia of childhood — as well as a road map through the challenges of growing up. 

Brunson and Copeland first met during their freshman year of college at Southern Utah University when they were randomly assigned as roommates. The pair have been friends ever since. 

“Having my BFF as my co-host benefits the ‘Baby Teeth’ experience because there is no pressure,” said Copeland. “I feel that I can speak freely and share my experiences so that other people might be able to relate.” 

“Baby Teeth” originally began as a class assignment. This year, the podcast has grown into Brunson and Copeland’s ongoing passion project. 

“When I took Ryan Steineckert’s audio production class, we had to do a podcast episode,” said Brunson. “I asked my roommates to be on it with me, and it was such a cool bonding experience. ‘Baby Teeth’ kind of originated there, but we didn’t really pursue it until this year when we had the chance to do it through SUU News.” 

Brunson and Copeland want to use “Baby Teeth” as a platform to help incoming students. Both hosts know from personal experience that adjusting to college life can be a challenge, and they want to ease that burden by sharing their own experiences in an entertaining format. 

“The idea is that when you go to college you lose a whole new set of baby teeth,” said Brunson. “As you gain more responsibility, you lose a little bit of the nostalgia of growing up. We’re trying to capture that nostalgia and talk about how we’ve grown up. [What] I’d like ‘Baby Teeth’ to become is something that people, freshmen specifically, can take and use as a resource for how to succeed.”

“Baby Teeth” releases new episodes every Friday, each one approximately 30 minutes long. The podcast can be found on both Spotify and Apple Podcasts, as well as the SUU News website. 

Author: Nick Stein
Photographer: Lily Brunson