USF holds employment meet and greet for students

The Utah Shakespeare Festival held a meet and greet to discuss employment opportunities and internships for Southern Utah University students on Oct. 4. 

The meeting began with an overview of the different employment opportunities designed to support the festival.Students are encouraged to apply for jobs in the box office, front of house, concessions, guest services and others. Pay rates vary by each position. 

There are openings for backstage tour guides and play team members through the festival’s education department. Tour guides interact with patrons, guiding them through the backstage areas on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Play team members interact with students in high school and below, playing theatre games and teaching different aspects of theatre. 

“There’s beautiful stories you get to learn and share with [patrons] in a new and different kind of way,” said Katherine Norman, the director of education at USF. “It’s a great way to make some extra money but also truly invaluable to our program.” 

The festival also offers fellowships for many areas of theatre, including acting, stage management, costuming and others. These internship positions are specifically reserved for SUU students and allow them to gain valuable experience working in a professional theatre setting. While they are unpaid, they can be registered for credit through SUU as an internship course. 

“You’re going to be working with people who have worked on Broadway to people who are just like you, who last year were students,” said Derek Charles Livingston, the interim artistic director of the festival. “That experience is really going to shape how the rest of your career goes.” 

Positions will continue to be posted throughout the fall and into spring of 2024. Information regarding employment and internships can be found at the USF website

Story by: Gracie Butterfield
Photos courtesy of the Utah Shakespeare Festival
Editor: Tessa Cheshire