Small changes, great impact: Cedar City Bike Works presents the last OES event of the semester

A group of students attend an OES hosted by Cedar City Bike Works.

On Thursday, April 13, board president Matt Bolus of Cedar City Bike Works presented at the latest installment of the SUU Outdoors Outdoor Education Series. Bike Works is a local non-profit that aims to promote cycling for recreation and transportation. Bolus showcased bike maintenance and cycling safety tips to attendees.

The event took place in the library quad. Students were encouraged to bring their bikes for tune-ups, maintenance information and cycling tips, which was followed by a ride around campus. The event also offered free snacks and was the last chance for students to enter the SUU Outdoors end-of-year raffle.

“The ABCs of bicycle maintenance [are] air, brakes, and chains,” said Bolus, explaining the importance of checking and cleaning these systems regularly. “You can do this with household cleaners that you have, any kind of soapy cleaner — just keep the bike clean.”

Bolus recommends using a toothbrush—old, new, or even your roommate’s—to clean the gears on your bike, followed by a wipe down of the entire chain with a rag.

However, a clean bike is of no use if it’s not being ridden. Bolus concluded with some tips to those who want to get out and make use of their bikes more often.

“Small changes at the start can have really great impacts; you don’t have to become a bike commuter tomorrow. Bike to work one day, or bike to class one day,” he said. “Start those small changes now if you can. If you can’t, that’s okay too.”

Those wishing to learn more about Cedar City Bike Works or support their mission can visit their website or contact them via email.

The event was a fitting conclusion to the SUU Outdoors OES this year. The event will return this fall with more opportunities for students to learn about all things outdoors.


Story by: Jacob Horne

Photos courtesy of SUU Outdoors