SUU takes a day off from classes to celebrate student accomplishments at the annual Festival of Excellence

There will be no classes on Tuesday, March 28. Instead, this day will be dedicated to the Festival of Excellence and its various presentations around the Southern Utah University campus.

So what is the Festival of Excellence? It’s a tradition at SUU that showcases and celebrates the work of the university’s students. Those who participate share their projects and research, many of which are for capstone projects, teaching attendees about what they have learned and how it can be applied to the world around them.

This event is free and open for all to both participate and attend, with students representing each of the school’s colleges. Due to this, the presenters, what they share and how they showcase is diverse. Presentations can range from short films, musical numbers, slideshows, poster displays and more.

“The Festival of Excellence is essential for many reasons,” said Katie Englert, the Interim Director of the Honors Program and a mentor for some of the student presenters. “Students are able to put into practice important professional skills at the Festival of Excellence.”

The Festival of Excellence is an opportunity for participants to practice their skills as researchers, innovative thinkers and creators, as well as in speaking and presenting, which can be beneficial long term for students.

“It is a low-cost way to prepare students for graduate school and potential jobs where similar yearly events occur,” Englert added.

For those visiting, it is a chance to learn about different topics of interest and about majors and opportunities around campus, as well as support friends and classmates in their academic endeavors.

“The all-day event offers an opportunity for … students … to learn from their peers,” Englert said.

All students and faculty are invited to attend the Festival of Excellence to learn from and support those presenting. To learn more about the Festival of Excellence’s 2023 presentation schedule, click here.

Article by: Andrea Rodgers
Photos courtesy of Southern Utah University