Guitars Unplugged fills Student Center with live music

KSUU Thunder 91.1’s Guitars Unplugged brought music lovers to the Sharwan Smith Student Center Living Room for over three hours of music from local musicians. 

The event ran from 6-9:30 p.m. This is the second consecutive year Guitars Unplugged has occurred, and the turnout was much larger this year, both in performer applications and attendance. 

Events like this offer artists a chance to get out there and show what they’re made of, all while having a good time. 

“Seeing the genuine smile on the artists’ faces is the best part of these events,” said Cormick Bone, Thunder 91.1’s production director.

The performers were Alakai, Lillian VanDaam, Karliann Leavitt, Nat Fran, Nika Lynn, Grace Parke, Michael Atwood, Maya Sorenson, Bailey Shirley and Black Cat Parade. Each of the 11 artists performed for fifteen minutes, providing a wide range of genres and sounds throughout the night. 

Artists like Parke and VanDaam are regular performers at Thunder 91.1’s events while other artists like Sorenson and Atwood were new to the KSUU scene. The newness of the performers that were featured throughout the event is one of the best things about local musicians, many of which use this as an opportunity to get their name and what they have to offer out into the community.

“Everyone who performed was fantastic,” said Sarah Hutchings, Thunder 91.1’s program and music director. “The artists put on a quality performance, and the audience loved them.”

Hutchings is a strong advocate for local musicians. She often communicates with artists and makes sure everyone who listens to Thunder 91.1 is aware of local musician releases and performances. 

She has also worked to create a full library for the Thunderground Showcase, which is a library of local artist music that plays at the thirty minute mark of almost every hour on Thunder 91.1.

“We have all kinds of music on the Showcase,” Hutchings said. “There’s country, EDM, rock and even violin; really, there’s something for everyone.”

Artists looking to submit their music to the Thunderground Showcase can do so here. More information on Thunder 91.1 and future events can be found here.

Article and Photos by Audrey Gee