2Dollar 2sday brings live music to southern Utah

2Dollar 2sday is a weekly event that showcases local musicians in Cedar City. Many of the featured artists, as well as many audience members, are Southern Utah University students.

One of the appeals of 2Dollar 2sday is that it provides patrons with an opportunity to experience a concert at an affordable price.

“I really like that I can go see a concert for $2. I really enjoy the concert atmosphere, and I don’t have to pay $50 and drive up north to go see someone perform,” said Kloie Humes, a local artist and SUU student. “It’s fun to see artists’ journeys.”

The event also creates an opportunity for up-and-coming artists to share their work in a supportive environment.

“We always have really happy, wonderful audiences. They always listen,” said Lillian VanDaam, a local musician and frequent performer at 2Dollar 2sday. “It’s always so much fun to play and perform there.”

2Dollar 2sday boasts a variety of musicians. Both cover artists and original songwriters are invited to perform. 

“It’s always really fun going to see local musicians play, especially when you don’t know if you’ll ever hear music like that again,” said VanDaam.

Local artists are able to connect with one another through 2Dollar 2sday, as well as share their music to new audience members outside their usual circle.

“It’s something fun for people to get their music out there and have a good time,” said Humes.

The 2Dollar 2sday concerts are held every Tuesday at 7 p.m. at 59 N. 100 W. Tickets are available at the door before the event begins. For more information, follow @2dollar2sday on Instagram.

Article by: Gracie Butterfield
Photos by: Jessie Hirzel