SUU Animal Ambassadors name cockroaches after exes for a unique Valentine’s Day fundraiser

Southern Utah University’s Animal Ambassadors program raised money for their purpose of education and community outreach with a strange new spirit of Valentine’s Day. 

At a $10 price, they offered participants the chance at revenge by naming a cockroach after their ex and receiving a video of the cockroach being eaten by an animal. The organization collected a total of $350.

As a surprise to thank those who donated, the organization’s fundraiser chair, Madison Brown, raffled off free “Iguana be your Valentine” stickers to the participants. The Animal Ambassadors sell other stickers online year round.

“All raised funds will go toward food and care needs for the club’s 40+ animals and the funds needed to take them to elementary schools and other groups throughout southern Utah,” Madison said.

The Animal Ambassadors have four primary objectives for their outreach trips: educating the public in a personal way, reducing fears about the animals in a safe environment, having a positive influence on the community and giving public speaking opportunities to members of the club.

The group holds weekly open nights which allow members to practice their presentation skills in preparation for upcoming outreach trips.

“The club is open to all students, and one can join by contacting our advisors Dr. Heyborne or Dr. Boswell-Taylor,” said Brown. “After completing a training on holding and caring for the animals, members are free to join for presentations they can participate in.”

Brown hopes that the cockroach feeding can be the first of many successful fundraisers for the growing group. 

Story by: Kale Nelson
Photos courtesy of Madison Brown