Meet Your Clubs event will focus on culture and diversity

The Southern Utah University Student Association will host its monthly Meet Your Clubs event on Feb. 10 at 3 p.m. in the Sharwan Smith Student Center’s Living Room. The event will showcase clubs focused on expanding the culture and diversity of the SUU community.

Students can socialize with representatives from the Center for Diversity and Inclusion clubs and hear what they have to offer while trying the foods they have available.

SUUSA Vice President of Clubs and Organizations Courtney Glad hopes the event can provide students a chance to get involved and find a home at SUU.

“An event like this is focused on getting students connected to their people on campus,” Glad said. “Any student looking to join clubs, get involved or even just be aware of the different clubs on campus can come to this event and get that experience.”

Involvement in clubs can have a positive impact on students, making them feel more connected to SUU. Culture and diversity clubs can have a great influence over helping students feel understood by surrounding them with others of their same background.

“I think it is so great that these clubs band together and support each other here on campus where they could feel out of place due to location, the majority or other factors that play into being in a minority group,” Glad said. “It allows students who feel that they are not part of the majority to not feel alone. There are people on this campus like themselves and people that will understand their culture and where they come from.”

The Meet Your Clubs events will continue to be held monthly. Each one will feature a new theme, but they will always encompass the idea of getting students involved.

Story by: Kale Nelson
Photos courtesy of Southern Utah University