Father-daughter duo to share their tips for European travel

Father and daughter selfie in San Sebastian overlooking the water.

SUU Outdoors will host father-daughter traveling duo Ray and Vienna Vance at Basecamp next to Chick-fil-A. The event, running from 6-7 p.m. on Feb. 2, will be an installment of the Outdoor Education Series.

The Vances will share their experiences traveling through Europe to help prepare students for their own traveling adventures. Vienna Vance is currently studying in Oregon, so she will only be making appearances via short videos. However, Ray Vance will be there throughout the entirety of the event.

Ray Vance intends to tell fun and memorable stories to help those at the event avoid the wrong turns he’s taken in the past. He hopes that if nothing else, attendees take away the idea that packing lighter is always better.

“No matter how bad of a traveler you think you might be, you’ll be way better than I was,” Ray Vance said. “With a little guidance, you’ll save yourself a bit of time, money, hassle and embarrassment.”

To plan an inexpensive trip, Ray Vance recommends staying in hostels and utilizing the Eurail Global Youth Pass, which is valid through age 27. The pass pays for a month of train travel throughout 33 countries for $565.

While the Vances hope to help their audience plan a cheaper and more efficient trip, they also want to highlight how enjoyable it can be to travel in Europe.

“Travel is quite different from ‘real life’ back home because when you do things out of the ordinary, your brain goes on hyper-record, collecting far more vivid memories of sights, sounds and tastes,” Ray Vance said. “These stay with you your whole life, and it was very neat to share those experiences with Vienna.”

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Father and daughter selfie in the Sainte-Chapelle chapel in France.
Ray and Vienna Vance visiting the Sainte-Chapelle in France.


Article by: Kale Nelson
Photos courtesy of Ray Vance and SUU Outdoors