SUU students show off their artistic abilities at Thanks and Paints event

Southern Utah University students gathered in the Sharwan Smith Student Center Ballroom to paint and show gratitude in the spirit of Thanksgiving from 6-8 p.m. on Nov. 15. The Thanks and Paints event provided students with canvases, paint, a variety of brushes and free Thanksgiving food for dinner.

Before the event, the line of participants gathered to check in circled almost the entire Rotunda. 

The entrance to the paint night was decorated with two large blank posters. Students wrote what they were grateful for on autumn leaf-shaped sticky notes and stuck them all across the posters. By the end of the night, the posters were completely covered.

Participants then lined up to collect their dinner of fried chicken, mashed potatoes and a biscuit before finding a seat at one of the tables in the center of the room.

After eating, students collected their art supplies and began to paint anything they could think of on the provided canvases.

“The food not only looked good; it tasted great,” said Myles Murphy, who painted a stunning night sky. “I also loved getting to meet people and see their artwork and creations. Art is a really good way to get to know someone better. This night was a night to remember.”

Information about other SUU events coming up before Thanksgiving Break can be found here.

Article and Photos by: Kale Nelson