Miss NASUU to finish off Native American Heritage Week

Native American Heritage Week will be coming to a close with the annual Miss Native American Southern Utah University Pageant on Friday, Nov. 18, at 6 p.m. in the Sterling R. Church Auditorium. 

Over the past two weeks, Southern Utah University has been celebrating Native American Heritage Month. Activities have included a celebration and a showcase and will close with the annual Miss Native American SUU Pageant.

The Native American Celebration took place in the Center for Diversity and Inclusion offices and offered an excellent social opportunity, complete with snacks and the chance for further education on the Native American culture in southern Utah.

The Native American Showcase took place in the Sharwan Smith Student Center Living Room. Students were able to learn more about the cultures that NASA represents and watch traditional dances performed by NASA members.

Jade Warren, the current Miss NASUU, was one of the performers during the event.  She will be passing her crown on to the next winner during Friday’s Miss Native American SUU pageant. 

The pageant is free to all students, who will be able to cheer on competitors and enjoy performances from NASA and the Latinx Student Alliance.

The winner of the pageant will have the opportunity to speak at other NASA events and have the opportunity to speak at other NASA events and offer their cultural insight to the community. Warren has been able to perform at events from SUU to Las Vegas.

More information on NASA can be found on their Instagram @nasa_suu.

Story by: Audrey Gee
Photos by: SUU Native American Student Association