Republican Party dominates Utah election results

As votes were counted on Nov. 8, the Republican Party dominated the state of Utah in the 2022 midterm elections.

The first election race was for the Utah Senate seat and consisted of four candidates: Republican incumbent Mike Lee, Independent Evan McMullin, Libertarian Party candidate James Arthur Hansen and Independent American Party candidate Tommy Williams. Lee and McMullin fought for the lead, but Lee was ultimately reelected as one of two Utah senators, with the Associated Press calling the race after 58% of the precincts reported.

Blake Moore, Chris Stewart, John Curtis, and Burgess Owens were all reelected for additional terms in the U.S. House of Representatives. Stewart will continue to serve the second district of Utah, which encompasses Cedar City.

Republican Marlo Oaks was reelected as Utah State Treasurer after receiving 504,500 votes, currently estimated at 75.67% of the popular vote.

Constitutional Amendment A, which would amend the state constitution to increase the limit on the total amount of money the Utah Legislature may appropriate, has not been officially called yet, but 63% of the votes have been against the amendment, with 56% of the votes counted.

For the Iron County elections, Michael Bleak and Paul Cozzens were elected as commissioners, Chad Dotson as attorney, Dan Jessen as auditor, Jon Whittaker as clerk, and Ken Carpenter as sheriff. All candidates were uncontested on the ballot, and all ran as members of the Republican Party.

To view additional election results, visit the Utah government’s official website.

Story by: Anden Garfield
Photo Courtesy of Element5 Digital on Unsplash