Cedar City looks to expand local biking trails

The Cedar City Council has plans to improve and expand the Southview Trailhead, one of the most popular destinations for mountain biking within the area.

The Cedar City Council approved a bid on Aug. 24 to build a connection from the Southview Trailhead to the East Bench Trail.  The East Bench Trail is a one-way route that is approximately 2.56 miles long and connects to the Coal Creek East Trail by East Canyon Park. The Southview Trailhead is located at South Shurtz Canyon Drive and is part of the popular Iron Hills Trail complex. The trail complex is busy year-around with hikers, bikers and activities for everyone. 

The city selected the lowest bid and proposed to do the expansion in a three-phase project. Phase two is currently in halt with the city considering options on buying private property to expand the trail. 

“If phase two were not constructed, users would follow the new trail from Southview Trailhead to the sidewalk located on Southern View Drive,” said city engineer Jonathan Stasis, according to Alysha Lundgren. “From there, they would cross over Greenslake Drive to the East Bench Trail via a crosswalk with flashing lights.”

Stasis also stated that the planned trail was altered to go around the estate in question, which is positioned on Greenslake Drive. While the direction would moderately follow a current livestock trail, the city couldn’t find a written passage to authenticate their right-of-way.

Phase three would include a crosswalk on Greenslake Drive, located near Route 91, to allow for safer travel. 


Article by: Anthony Colasuono
Photo courtesy of the Bureau of Land Management