SPB ends Sunfest week with Most Fun Friday

To finish off the week-long Sunfest, Southern Utah University’s Student Programming Board held a Most Fun Friday on April 15 with activities available throughout the day.

Students wait their turn to ride in the hot air balloon.

To start Friday off, attendees went to the campus’ lower practice field for Toons and Balloons. There, students ate cereal and watched old cartoons. The highlight of the event was the opportunity to ride a hot air balloon run by Balloon Pilot Scott. Some students even got to operate the controls inside the balloon to bring it up and down.

After students had their fill of cartoons, they were invited to the elementary school-themed Book Fair event. Students grabbed free copies of the University Journal and visited different booths to win childhood-favorite prizes like Silly Bandz, eraser pets and scented highlighters.

One student prepares to play life-sized human bowling at the SUUSA carnival.

At noon, the Southern Utah University Student Association held a carnival at the Gerald R. Sherratt Library Quad. Guests participated in several activities such as carnival games, a rock climbing wall, inflatable contests, balloon animals and human bowling. There were also various refreshments including handspun cotton candy, drinks and free corn dogs from the Corn Dog Company food truck.

Students play skee-ball at the arcade event.

Later in the afternoon, students were invited to the T-Bird Arcade in the Sharwan Smith Student Center Ballroom. They participated in many traditional arcade games as well as Just Dance and laser tag. Arcade trinkets and prizes, such as candies and toys, were also given out to winners.

SPB then hosted “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?” which was inspired by the television show of the same name. Guests met in the Church Auditorium and competed against a local Cedar City fifth grader and tried to answer trivia questions of a variety of topics including geology, history and math.

Students get sprayed with foam at the dance.

The day ended with the Foam Dance in the America First Credit Center tunnel. Students danced to music while getting sprayed with foam from giant foam machines. Refreshments of drinks and Dippin’ Dots were also provided.





Article and Photos by: Andrea Rodgers