SPB hosts Nerf gun night

The Student Programming Board hosted their Ready to Strike event in the Ballroom on Tuesday, Mar. 29 from 6-9 p.m.

The goal of the night was to capture the flag from the opposite team but with a twist. Students were given their own Nerf guns, and once a student was hit with a rubber bullet, they were out. 

Some students used inflatable equipment to protect themselves as they moved across the battlefield while other students built forts and aimed at the enemies from there.

Games were played in 10-minute intervals, but most games went by faster than the allotted time. The first hour was played in the Ballroom while the rest of the time was played in the Convention Center.

“I have never seen an event like this at SUU,” said Event Director Morgan Hansen. “My childhood consisted of playing games like this. My goal for students was to have them experience something new and have a relaxing night.” 

The night consisted of two teams: one team with orange Nerf guns and the other with blue Nerf guns. The teams’ home bases were in the Cedar Breaks room and the Brian Head room while they played in the Convention Center. 

SPB bought items for this event that contained logos, such as “Squad Hero,” “Biohazard” and “Nerf.” The larger items that students used to shield themselves came from the Welcome Center on campus.

“My roommates and I have a lot of Nerf battles,” said senior Jordan Diaz. “We thought it would be a good opportunity to get some practice in.”

Students signed waivers for the event prior to getting goggles and playing in the challenging battle.

For more information about future SPB events, follow them on Instagram or visit the Calendar of Events on SUU’s homepage.

Story and Photo by: Elaine Lonborg