Your new SUUSA administration’s goals

On Friday, March 21, the previous Southern Utah University Student Association office-holders announced the results for the SUUSA 2022-23’ administration. The executive council for SUUSA expanded on how they plan to represent students in the upcoming year.  

Mckay Pollman was elected to be student body president. Pollman was grateful for the guidance of Former Student Body President Nouman Kante who taught Pollman important leadership principles. 

Pollman plans to build off of what the previous SUUSA administration accomplished which includes reaching out to students to increase the student body’s participation in decisions regarding school policies and events. 

“We have not reached about 80% of the student population in terms of getting them to participate in our school’s representations,” Pollman said. “Right now, we have about 20% of students that participate in SUUSA’s governance and we plan to increase that.”

The new vice president of finance will be Cody Bolton. His goals are to help clubs and students get access to funding for school related activities. He also plans to update SUUSA’s budget to provide further funding for students. 

“My ultimate goal this upcoming year is to help people understand more about SUUSA and make sure they know they are being represented,” Bolton said. “This means guiding students through the right steps to get funding for any approved activity.” 

Merrick Webb won the office for vice president of marketing. Webb explained that the previous VP, Brandon Croft, created a professional and welcoming atmosphere across SUU’s social media platforms. 

“I want to continue to grow that professionalism while bringing warmth and friendship to the atmosphere of SUU,” Webb said. “I want SUU to be a home and resource that students can reach out to via social media.” 

Courtney Glad will be the vice president of clubs. Glad’s goal is to inform clubs about the resources they have available.

“I appreciate everyone who gave me encouragement during that run and I plan to represent the position by being a good resource for all clubs on campus,” Glad said

Newly elected Vice President of Programming Hunter Bosgieter plans to improve upon the foundations and system the previous VP put in place. This includes holding less SUUSA events so students stay interested in attending the one’s SUUSA hosts like Casino Night and The Scream. 

“I want to expand our culture by reaching out to clubs to help them with events and establish a better working relationship,” Bosgieter said. 

Mitchell Bunn will be the next chief of staff. His goal is to assist the executive council on their SUUSA projects. 

“I am excited to be an important piece to the team by helping our talented administration in their duties throughout the year,” Bunn said.  

Carson Brown was appointed as chief justice. Brown praised former Chief Justice Collin Spencer’s work in making great legal and logical decisions that affected the student body. Brown plans on making the court more accountable to students.

“I want to publish the court’s opinions so students know why we voted a certain way on important decisions that affect the student population,” Brown said. 

David Nguyen was elected as vice president of diversity, equity and inclusion. This is the first time SUU will have this position. His goal is to represent SUU’s diverse student body and further initiatives for minority groups. 

“The goal is to set up the foundation for this position and create a diversity council that will push for diversity training and representation of diverse voices in positions of power,” Nguyen said “We want to advocate for students who have less influence on campus.”

SUUSA’s goal is to continue expanding resources for mental health for the upcoming school year. 

Article by: Danielle Meuret

Photos courtesy of: Asher Swan