SUMA teams with NASA to bring the community to Andy Warhol and Billy Schenck

The Southern Utah Museum of Art hosted its community day with the Native American Student Association for the Andy Warhol and Billy Schenck exhibits on Saturday, Feb. 4.

Visitors were given the opportunity to explore the artwork currently featured at SUMA, enjoy a performance by NASA and participate in the hands-on art activity.

SUMA currently features Warhol’s collection “Cowboys and Indians” and Schenck’s collection “The Myth of the West.” Both of these collections explore pop culture’s view of the Wild West while simultaneously providing their own artistic commentary.

The activity focused on the half-tone dots featured in Warhol and Schenck’s work. Visitors took paint to paper, dotting out images.

“We’re working to make the museum a communal space,” said SUMA Learning & Engagement team member Beth Foley. “This is an opportunity to get people through the door who might not always be interested in art.”

NASA provided live entertainment, treating the audience to traditional song and dance. The NASA members present were Jeremy Garcia–Standing Soldier and Kula Secakuku on the drum and the dances were performed by Mahala Sutherland, Jade Warren and Ariana Paul.

NASA works to educate the community on indigenous traditions and provide students with social, cultural and academic support.

“We worked with the Native American Student Association so we could get some representation,” Foley said. “That was the biggest priority for me.”

More information on SUMA can be found here and information on NASA can be found here

Article and Photo By: Audrey Gee