SUU Second Studio presents “Mr. and Miss Cast”

“Mr. and Miss Cast” will be presented by Second Studio on Jan. 29 at 10 p.m. in the Sterling Church Auditorium in the Sharwan Smith Student Center as part of their SUU Live performances.

Second Studio is Southern Utah University’s Department of Theatre, Dance and Arts Administration’s student run theatre company which hosts SUU Live every month.

This month’s theme is of a wider range than past events. The idea of “miscast” allows students the opportunity to perform songs traditionally done by other individuals. Genderbent duets are a common example of this variety.

They will also be performing recast and overdone pieces as a reference to shows from the past.

“This month is the grand royale of themes combined from years past,” co-marketing director Bridget Cunningham said.

SUU Live is a cabaret style event that allows students to audition with skits, songs, scenes and interactive games with the audience.

“The purpose of SUU Live is to showcase the wide variety of talent SUU students possess in a fun, community building way,” said Cunningham.

This event was originally set to occur in the Black Box Theatre, but in the name of social distancing and personal safety, it was shifted to the auditorium.

Second Studio has a show coming up in February called “Silent Sky.” For those looking for information on that event or looking to attend more events, they regularly post about upcoming events on their Instagram

Article By: Audrey Gee
Photo Courtesy of Bridget Cunningham