SUMA displays BFA Capstone projects

The Southern Utah Museum of Art is hosting four Southern Utah University senior students’ Bachelor of Fine Arts Capstone projects from Nov. 11 to Dec. 23.

The four students being hosted this semester are Joy Henderson, Ethan Hoenig, Natalia Lance and Nick Sahagun.

Joy Henderson, an art education student, provided a beautiful piece called “Strata” which was done with acrylic paint and acrylic plexiglass. The art piece places numerous pieces of cut plexiglass together to create an arch suspended from the ceiling. Each piece is a different vibrant shade of memory.

“Color is a universal language. When we view colors, we have involuntary reactions to them,” Henderson said. “Our reactions to colors can change based on personal experiences.”

Another art education student, Ethan Hoenig, worked with a variety of art forms like the spray paintwork in the background of each painting. His three pieces, “Unwanted,” “Their Last Supper” and “Chef Mike,” focused on the treatment of homeless citizens throughout the country. Hoenig learned of the bulldozing of homeless camps and set straight to work in capturing it through his art.

“I hope to raise awareness of their stories in order to get public support to provide affordable housing and rehabilitation programs,” Hoenig said.

Natalia Lance, a graphic design student, created an interactive pop-up book about Zion National Park that features highlights and information that she was able to gain from scouring park books and guides. The book features rich colors that can only be found throughout the park and perfectly captures the outdoor experience.

Lance said, “I wanted to create my own guide that highlights key points of the park, but most importantly gives the reader a hands-on experience.”

Nick Sahagun, another graphic design student, has not only had his work featured in SUMA but throughout campus all semester. Sahagun created the official 2021 season posters for the men’s basketball, women’s soccer and cross country teams as well as the game day shirts featured throughout the football season. He is now working as a freelance designer with his brand NCK.

“This exhibit represents countless hours of hard work, late nights and creative growth,” Sahagun said.

For those who hope to visit the exhibit, SUMA is open Monday-Saturday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Article by: Audrey Gee
Photo by: Kaylee Shores