SUU Outdoors to Host Used-Gear Garage Sale

SUU Outdoors will be hosting a garage sale on Friday, Nov. 5 from 3-6 p.m. at the SUU Outdoors garage. Open to all students, faculty and the Cedar City community to buy and sell their outdoor gear.

Those in need of gear or those looking to off-load some gear are encouraged to go and participate in the first-come, first-serve event. This is a great opportunity for those needing outdoor gear on a budget or who are looking to start dipping their toes into a new activity.

SUU Outdoors Coordinator Baylee Howe said that attendees can look forward to, “used gear for a cheap price.”

Those selling gear can show up anytime from 3-6 p.m. and will be in charge of setting it and selling it from tables provided. SUU Outdoors will not be selling any of the gear themselves.

“This event will benefit all those looking for some outdoor gear,” said Howe. “Come meet some awesome people and grab some sick gear for your adventures!”

Cedar City offers many great opportunities for outdoor thrill-seeking from climbing to mountain biking but not everyone has the monetary flexibility to purchase brand new gear to do what they would like to do. The garage sale is an excellent opportunity to obtain gear you otherwise might not be able to.

“We’ve got anything from paddleboards to sleeping bags for sale,” Howe said.

Free up some garage space and prepare for your next escapade by showing up at the garage across from the LDS Institute building and by the Business building. 

Contact SUU Outdoors at (435) 865-8704 or for more information.

Article by: Jared Clawson