Beating the Heat: Party on the Hill Review

Southern Utah University hosted Party on the Hill, a student-favorite event on Tuesday, Sept. 14 at the Lake on the Hill, providing free food, music, paddleboard, kayak rentals and entertainment including volleyball, cornhole and spikeball. 

Towels, shoes, and socks sprinkled the beach as students raced to escape the heat. SUU Outdoors lent rentals to the event so students could enjoy the water. Others could be found in the sand, sipping on refreshments handed out by event staff. 

Entertainment provided by event staff was a big hit. Long lines of students waited for their turn to play games, which led to other students bringing their own fun. Footballs and frisbees soared through the air while some couples brought their dogs to walk around. 

Event planners took COVID-19 precautions, displaying a QR code that allowed students to fill out a safety waiver. 

“Something that’s new we’ve never had to do with this event before is the waiver, and a large part of that was the COVID disclaimer,” said Student Involvement and Leadership Coordinator Madi Maynard.

Although the waiver seemed tedious, it ensured SUU students could have an opportunity to meet new people and hang out with friends. Additional COVID-19 precautions like these will become a staple for the rest of the events this semester.

If you missed Party on the Hill, there’s no reason to fret because homecoming week is right around the corner and packed to the brim with fun events.  

Story By: Addie Horsley 

Photos By: Kaylee Shores