The Road to Nature: Kolob Canyon Scenic Drive

The idea of escaping into nature may seem daunting, but it can be as easy as getting into a car and driving down the scenic roads of southern Utah, full of breathtaking views and adventures waiting for anyone willing to explore.

scenic driveOne of these scenic roads is the Kolob Canyons route located at Exit 40 on Interstate 15. With a travel time of just 30 minutes from Cedar City, Kolob Canyon is a short drive away for any Southern Utah University student looking for an adventure.

Kolob Canyons is a section of the northwest corner of Zion National Park and contains a five-mile road full of red-rock cliffs and hiking trails. The main attraction of the canyon is the Timber Top Peak at the end of the road.

The road is well maintained and offers scenic viewing sections every few miles along the route. This layout provides plenty of spots that onlookers can pull over and bask in the red-stained views.

While the road itself is maintained, there are a few marked hazards, such as falling rocks and blind corners that make the road twist and turn in sharp ways.

The canyon itself occasionally closes down due to snow and ice during the winter months. And since it is part of a national park, all guests have to stop at the visitor center at thescenic drive bottom of the canyon and either pay a $30 private vehicle fee, which is good for a week, or show an Interagency Park Pass.

The Interagency Park Pass is an umbrella term used to describe different passes individuals can pay for, allowing them access to all the national parks and federal fee areas involved. Some categories are the adult pass, 4th-grade pass, senior pass and military pass.

With its location and scenery, Kolob Canyons is an excellent getaway for anybody looking for a quick and easy escape through the red rock roads of southern Utah.


Story and Photos by Skyler Jones