I Hiked One of the Most Dangerous Hikes in the United States and You Can Too

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If you are looking for something adventurous to do this spring, I recommend hiking one of the most dangerous hikes in the United States: Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park.

The view is amazing, and watching the sunrise in the park is a magical experience. The sun hitting the red rocks in the canyon is beautiful. Seeing the state’s flower, the sego lily, just adds to the experience so the hike could never get old.

For those who aren’t familiar with Angel’s Landing, it is one of the many iconic hikes that you can do in Zion. The drive from Cedar City is around an hour, so it is close enough to hike with friends on a weekend.

There is an entrance fee of $35 per vehicle. Zion Annual passes are also available on the park websitefor $70, saving you quite a bit if you want to return and hike other trails .

This 5.4-mile hike takes four hours to complete on average. I was able to complete it in less time both times I did the hike.

Anyone can do this hike, but it is strenuous. There are long drop-offs at multiple locations, especially towards the end. This hike would be the most enjoyable for those students who are not afraid of heights.

The first half of the trail is made up of steep switchbacks along the side of the canyon. The second half is on a rocky ridge with drop-offs on boths sides. At that point, there are chain railings to hold onto.

The hike ends with an amazing view of the canyon and the valley below. When I got to the top, we sat on the edge and enjoyed some food we brought with us. We watched the valley below, where you could see the river that looked like the shape of a snake from so high up. The cars driving on the roads below us looked like little ants.

The hike down is a lot faster than on the way up. We ran part of the way down because it is almost harder to just walk because of how steep it is.

I have found that the hikers on this trail tend to be very friendly. You can meet people from all over, probably running into other students from Southern Utah University.

Inside the park, there are daily shuttles starting on March 13 to take you from the visitor center to the beginning of your hike. Before going, it is important to know about the shuttle schedule at Zion. Tickets can be bought in advance via the park’s website.

Angel’s Landing is a hike that you don’t want to miss out on while you are going to school here at SUU. Other activities in Zion can be found here.


Article by: Kennedy Johnston
Photo by: Spencer Thomson