Frozen Waters: A Review of the Hidden Haven Trail

Utah Hike

The Hidden Haven trail located just 30 minutes north of Cedar City offers a range of scenery for hikers of all skill levels. However, it must be approached with caution as recent weather events have caused damage to the route.

This hike is beautiful from start to finish, as a thick forest and rocky desert-like terrain toward the top lead to a waterfall between two giant black and red cliff faces.

Utah hikeThe trail is short, taking most people anywhere from 30-45 minutes to complete the 1.4 miles hike. However, there are currently signs around the head of the trail and throughout saying that portions of it have been damaged or blocked, making the path more difficult.

Because of the damage, the trail can be hard to navigate in some places. There are, however, red tags that line the trees, marking the trail every 100 ft. or so. They make the path manageable and more pronounced.

Along with the debris warning, there are also signs warning that the trail is an active flood zone. Hikers are advised to be aware of any significant storms or heavy runoff and to use good judgment when planning and undertaking the hike.Utah hike

Planning is relatively easy for this trail. With the hike being so short, all that’s required is good water-resistant shoes, comfortable and moveable clothing and water.

It’s especially important to pay attention to the water situation as most of the trail is through a creek bed. While refreshing and a fun summer hike situation, the winter season creates a chilly environment. Hikers should be prepared with water-resistant clothing that matches the weather.

This hike is short enough to offer a break from everyday life and allows hikers to experience a small adventure through the scenery of southern Utah. 

There’s only a 214 ft. elevation gain on this hike and plenty of picnic areas with tables and benches that hikers can stop at to enjoy the scenery.


Story and photos by Skyler Jones