SUU Adds Online Community Courses to Their Spring 2021 Schedule

The Southern Utah University Office of Community and Professional Development will be shifting their schedule to focus on online and outdoor courses for the Spring 2021 Semester. They’re offering seven classes to students online this spring. 

“By offering online classes we can be sure everyone has the opportunity to keep learning,” said Melynda Thorpe, executive director at SUU Community Education. “Interactive courses, whether online or in person, are significant contributors to staying healthy, active and engaged with the community.”

The Office of Community and Professional Development’s Community Education courses are a way the public can enjoy educational experiences and new hobbies and skills. They’ve added seven new online courses to their schedule this spring to accommodate for COVID-19.

The newest SUU community course “Southeast Asain Cooking in the Home” will be one of seven total online courses. This course will begin on Jan. 28. Chef Drew Ehrenz, culinary instructor at Southwest Technology College, will instruct this new addition. Two cooking kits, recipes and shopping lists are included with this class. 

Beginning Feb. 8, “Visual Journaling” intends to use visual art media like watercolor and colored pencil techniques to tell the students’ stories. This course will also be held online. 

Other online courses this term will include “The Art of Making a Home,” a two-day course for preparing participants’ homes for the springtime, and “Untangles Designs,” which is a course that uses simple techniques to draw shapes in complex patterns. 

“Localscapes: Landscape Designed for Utah,” “Living Succulent Wreath Making” and “Interior Decorating with What You Have” are three other online courses offered. 

There will also be several in-person courses available this spring, such as watercolor and oil painting for both beginner and intermediate students. 

Tiffany Marchant, a Cedar City artist, will be instructing a six-week oil painting course for beginners. Marchant will teach her students how to paint landscape pieces from references and plein aire. This course will begin April 22.

Along with the many art and design courses, a selection of in-person business and finance courses are available. Training in Excel and Quickbooks will be offered for beginner, intermediate and advanced students. A course on forklift operation rounds out the professional selection of courses for the spring catalog. 

Beyond the breadth of academic, design and professional courses, there will also be several sessions available for Basic Life Support CPR. Registration for these emergency response courses costs $50, and will provide basic training for single and team rescuers both in facilities and for pre-hospitalization care. 

For the complete catalog and schedule of spring 2021 courses, SUU’s Office of Community and Professional Development is available online, along with the whole catalog of spring courses, online and in person, indoors and out. 

Story by Janzen Jorgensen