Greek Life: SUU Holds Greek Organizations’ Spring Semester Rush Week

Southern Utah University is holding its four Greek organizations’ semi-annual rush week for the Spring 2021 Semester from Jan. 24-28.

Sororities, Alpha Phi and Delta Psi Omega, and fraternities, Chi Phi and Sigma Chi, are conducting a series of events to recruit new members. 

These include a cookout with Sigma Chi, a craft night with Delta Psi Omega, a discovering Alpha Phi’s high ideals event, and a bonfire with Chi Phi.

The events take place throughout the week and allow the Greek organizations to learn more about potential members. However, informal rushing may also be held later for people that still want to join.

Students can connect with others and become familiarized with the Cedar City community through Greek life. 

“I have been able to find some of my best friends,” said Megan Weidman, President of Alpha Phi’s Theta Sigma chapter at SUU, about her experience in the sorority. “I’ve been able to focus on generosity by giving back to my community.”

Once accepted into a sorority or fraternity, members will learn the history of each organization, followed by group activities, service events and study groups. 

Each organization has a philanthropy week, which raises money for their specific cause, such as women’s heart health. They devote numerous hours towards volunteering throughout the community. 

“People should join Greek life if they are looking to be surrounded by people with similar values of their own,” Weidman shared. “Greek life has given me the biggest family and support system I could have ever imagined and opportunities I would have never been offered without being in this chapter.” 

Sigma Chi, Delta Psi Omega and Alpha Phi started at SUU in the early ‘90s, and Chi Phi joined in 2008. 

For any questions, contact the new member recruiter by messaging each organization on Instagram: Sigma Chi, Chi Phi, Alpha Phi and Delta Psi Omega, or by finding their emails on the Greek Life page on SUU’s website. 


Story and Photo by: Elaine Lonborg