What SUU Campus will Look Like After Thanksgiving Break

As Thanksgiving Break approaches for Southern Utah University, and classes make the switch to be completely virtual, most students are left with the choice of staying at home with their families or returning to campus to finish the semester. 

For those who choose to return to Cedar City for the last few weeks of fall semester, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs Eric Kirby wants students to know that SUU will still be the safe campus they know and love.

“I think when students come back from Thanksgiving Break they’re going to find that it’s exactly what it has been. Campus is going to be open, resources are going to be open…everything will be open,” Kirby said. 

Although classes will be virtual, SUU buildings and resources will still be available to students. The Student Programming Board and First Year Experience will also be hosting a wide array of activities to “make it as engaging and entertaining as possible, even after school ends.” 

Among those include making boondoggle keychains on Nov. 28, learning beginner origami on Dec. 2, and decorating Christmas ornaments on Dec. 16. 

With some activities virtual and others promoting safe social distancing, a complete and regularly updated calendar of events can be found here. 

For those deciding whether to come back to Cedar City after Thanksgiving Break, Kirby encourages students to do what’s best for them. 

“I think generally speaking, we want to do what’s best for students,” Kirby said. “So if it’s best for you to stay at home so you’re clean from COVID, you’re there with your family, that’s where you’re going to be for the holidays, stay home. But if you need to come back because this is where you’re going to concentrate a little bit better to finish those two weeks and then Finals week, please do it.”

In terms of spring semester, classes are planned to operate similarly to how they did during the fall. According to Kirby, students should expect even more face-to-face classes and activities.

“We want students to be excited and get ready to come back — it’s going to be an awesome Spring semester,” Kirby concluded. 


Story by Amanda Walton
Photo Courtesy of Christopher Dimond