Senior Cellist in the SUU Spotlight

Seven years ago, Chase Ramdall picked up a cello for the first time. Now a senior at Southern Utah University, he practices three hours a day to continually improve and work toward his goals.

“I like to say I have pretty good dedication to music, because I’ve come a long way,” said Ramdall, who decided to play a stringed instrument after watching his friends play violin. “I’m actually doing really well in lots of areas of music right now.”

Ramdall showcased 45 minutes of his repertoire at his senior recital on Saturday for an audience of friends and family. He was joined by Tracey Bradshaw, a staff accompanist, on piano.

Preparation for the recital began in February. Radmall played all the pieces from memory, including a full Bach suite and Brahms sonata.

“I think my favorite, which can also technically be one of the hardest to get down, is the last movement of Brahms’ Cello Sonata in E Minor,” Ramdall said. He explained that this movement, a fugue, highlights the cello and piano playing many different parts. “There’s a lot of moving around and playing intricate rhythms off of each other.”

Ramdall enjoys being able to understand the meaning behind music pieces and how they connected to people in the past.

“There are moments when I feel like the music is almost speaking words,” he said. “I feel like there are lots of moments when people have written music for the cello with specific things in mind.”

A big contributor to Ramdall’s growth on the cello was his cello teacher in high school.

“She would let me do crazy things basically,” said Ramdall. “I probably sometimes would bite off a bit more than I could chew, but she would let me do it for the experience. I think that gave me the motivation and the incentive to practice to get me where I’m at.”

Radmall hopes to be a teacher and is soon graduating from SUU with a degree in music education. He is planning to continue schooling as a performance major at the University of Utah in order to be able to teach in a university setting.

Radmall believes that with his determination and drive, nothing will get in the way of him doing what he wants with the cello.

“Love what you’re doing and if you’re not loving it then you should reconsider what you’re doing,” Radmall said as advice to others in the music program. “Find every reason to enjoy the music.”

SUU’s music department regularly holds recitals that are open to the public, including student recitals every Friday at noon in the Thorley Recital Hall. Visit the department’s website for more information.

Story By: Tori Jensen and Larissa Beatty

Photos by: Christopher Diamond