Spring Break or Outbreak? Travel Restrictions Surrounding the Coronavirus

When it comes to the Coronavirus, rumors are spreading almost as fast as the disease itself. The pandemic is overrunning the news and causing international concern, panic and toilet paper shortages. One aspect of the disease impacting the globe is the issue of travel. 

Because spring break is just around the corner, there has been widespread concern about whether travel to and from the country will be limited. According to the Centers for Disease Control, those in the United States should not expect nationally imposed travel restrictions. Because of the sheer amount of travel in and out of the US, restricting it might slow down the spread of disease but won’t stop it. 

However individual government agencies, businesses and universities are restricting sponsored travel, and non-essential international personal travel is also discouraged. Southern Utah University is included in this effort.

Last week an email was sent out by SUU’s student affairs office announcing the postponement or cancellation of all study abroad trips until further notice. This announcement also brought  students home from the Jumpstart trip to Italy a month early.

The email also introduced the possibility of a 14-day self quarantine for those who do choose to travel abroad.

If planning to travel it’s recommended to do research beforehand about the status of the virus at the destination, make sure to be in good health and practice good health hygiene while away. The university has provided a list of things to consider before leaving.

The Department of International Affairs is working closely with the SUU emergency response team to communicate new information as fast as possible to students, according to Department Admissions staff Kurt Harris.

 SUU has restricted travel as a precaution to ensure the safety and health of students, faculty and staff. These are top priorities of the university, so adjustments will be made to accommodate new information as soon as it becomes available.

Travel limitations are subject to change and new updates come almost every day. But for now SUU/CDC recommends students/the public to be cautious, pay attention to the news and wash those hands. 

For more information visit the CDC website or the SUU Coronavirus help site.


Story by Larissa Beatty
Photos Courtesy of Unsplash.com