Groovy Art Opening: Steven Swift Celebrates

Amidst all the citizens of Cedar City, there are artists like Steven Swift walking among us who shared his artistic abilities on March 9 at Groovacious Records.

He is not only an artist, but a member of the staff at Southern Utah University. He serves as an Academic Advisor for the College of Performing and Visual Arts and is also a lecturer for Art and Design. Swift is an SUU alumni himself, earning his Bachelor Fine Arts at SUU

Swift had nine paintings that he has formulated on display for everyone to see. However, these were not just typical paintings. He used Zapp Art to bring his images to life. 

Zapp art is an app that people were able to download while at the record store. After it was downloaded, a person would simply hold down on their screen to find the scanner to scan the image.

Once scanned, the image would have a moving picture over the painting and be able to appreciate the art even more. The people that came to see his art were fascinated by the combination of his work mixed with Zapp Art.

While at Groovacious Records, the crowd enjoyed birthday cake and treats to celebrate Swift’s birthday.

Swift has not always stuck with art. He loved creating art as a young child, but took a 10 year break to play music and travel. He started his art education when he was 30 years old.

“Some people think that if you are a musician and an artist, you’re serving two masters. But I don’t think you are. I think you are still using your creative side of your brain no matter what,” explained Swift.

He also loves to be in the classroom surrounded by his students. He has taught classes ranging from 2D art to photography and enjoys being in such a creative learning environment.

“I view [teaching] as a cooperative learning experience, so if you’re an art teacher and you ever sit up high, “said Swift, “I think everyone builds off ideas from each other especially when there is a problem.”

To see more of Swifts paintings and artwork, visit his website and let the creative juices start flowing.