Finding Safety After Abuse: Canyon Creek Services

A common feature in every bathroom at SUU is a poster with the Canyon Creek Services hotline tear-away piece of paper.

This domestic and sexual violence program provides free confidential services to anyone who has experienced any level of violence. That includes those who witness or experience it indirectly through friends or family. 

Immediate need services include 24-hour crisis intervention, a 24-hour hotline, an emergency shelter and sexual assault hospital response.

If long-term support is needed services such as: emotional support, legal and medical advocacy are available. Affordable housing assistance, support groups, classes, case management, and other life-situation support are also provided.

All services are extended with the goal of helping survivors achieve emotional healing and financial independence. 

Every resource is free, and all information is kept confidential. Canyon Creek Services’ confidentiality policy is stronger than HIPAA (as a result of The Violence Against Women Act). This is critical when it comes to this kind of violence because secrecy means safety for victims.

In 2017  the center transitioned from the Canyon Creek Women’s Crisis Center to Canyon Creek Services. This broadened spectrum of assistance increased the use of the center dramatically. Canyon Creek Services want to be reputable for helping everyone of any gender, age, or sexual orientation. 

“We felt it was important to change the name because it removed a lot of barriers for people,” said Center Awareness Director Roxy Burkhardt. “We changed it because we want people to know about the vast array of services we offer for everyone.”

Education about sexual and domestic violence and prevention is another important aspect of Canyon Creek Services. Their awareness program visits schools, businesses and communities to present about healthy relationships. What violence is, what it’s not, what it looks like, how to prevent it, and how to support those in abusive situations all go into the presentation. But the main goal is primary prevention – stopping abuse before it happens. 

“There’s this myth that sexual violence is a predator in the bushes – it happens at night, it’s some stranger, and that’s definitely not the fact,” Burkhardt shared. “Almost all rapes are perpetrated by someone you know.” 

This comes as a surprise to many members of this and the surrounding rural communities and is something the center is fighting to promote awareness of.

“Violence like this happens right here in Cedar City Utah. The truth of it is we served 757 survivors last year, 30 of which were students of SUU. It’s easier to think about this type of violence happening somewhere else. But it’s real and it’s happening here in this community.”

If you or someone you know has experienced or is experiencing domestic or sexual violence, the center is always ready and able to help. Anyone in need can walk up to the survivor services at 95 N. Main St. Suite 22 Monday through Friday, with or without an appointment and receive help from an advocate.

Volunteering and internship opportunities are available in any aspect of the center and are always welcome and appreciated. Donations for the emergency shelter and housing are also accepted.

24 Hour Hotline: 435-233-5732

Visit their website for more information about donations, opportunities and resources available at Canyon Creek Services.


Story by: Larissa Beatty
Photos Courtesy of Canyon Creek Services