Outdoor Outfitters of Southern Utah

Hiking, rock-climbing, skiing, snowboarding, canyoneering, camping… The list of possible outdoor activities in southern Utah is endless.

For many, the necessary gear to embark on a memorable outdoor excursion can be expensive. Sometimes storage space for all that equipment is simply unavailable.

Renting outdoor gear is an easy and fairly inexpensive solution for those whose budgets or accommodations don’t allow for personal outdoor equipment.

There’s plenty of places to rent right around the corner from SUU.

SUU Outdoors-Basecamp

Closest to home is SUU’s very own Basecamp, located in the Sharwan Smith Student Center next to Chick-fil-A. 

At Basecamp, rentals are available not just to students but community members as well, though students receive a discounted price.

SUU branded gear is available for retail, and rentals can outfit anyone for water-based, snow-based, vertical-based and camp-based adventures.

Currently, the shelves at Basecamp are stocked with winter gear for those venturing to face the cold and snowy conditions during this time of year.

One can rent snowshoes, ice-climbing gear, inflatable sleds, snowboard packages and splitboard packages. Splitboards are snowboards that split in half into skis, allowing cross country snow travel and snowboarding during downhill sections.

Skis aren’t available at Base Camp, but Assistant Director of SUU Outdoors Keith Howells hopes to obtain skis for students to rent in the next couple of years.

Snow equipment runs from $5-$20 per day between single items and packages, such as a snowboard rental with boots, and a full list of rental gear for all seasons can be found online at suu.edu/outdoors.

Cedar Sports

Cedar Sports is a short walk from campus located at 97 W Center Street just east of the Shakespeare Festival Theater. 

Like SUU Outdoors, Cedar Sports has plenty of rental options, allowing per day and seasonal rentals for high performance and basic/student outdoor gear.

Ski/snowboard rental packages at Cedar Sports run between $30-$40, with winter clothing running between $4-$10 depending on the item. Snow shoes are also available at $10 per day.

Other rentals include inflatable kayaks, paddleboards and rafts, mountain bikes, climbing and canyoneering equipment, and camping and backpacking gear. 

Cedar Sports also has a large selection of gear available for retail.

Honorable Mentions-Retail

Some shops have more retail items than rentals, though they are still reasonably priced.

ACE Hardware in Cedar City offers a student discount on its outdoor recreation equipment and is actually a great place to find climbing chalk for climbing enthusiasts in need.

Another popular spot to get retail outdoor gear is in St. George from a local outfitter called Desert Rat, located at 468 West St. George Blvd. The experts at Desert Rat can help to provide the right equipment for amateurs just breaking into the outdoor scene or the most die-hard outdoors enthusiasts.

At all locations mentioned so far, the friendly staff will help inquiring individuals find exactly the right gear fitting for whatever adventure calls.

Story by: Reyce Knutson
Photos by: Christopher Dimond and Brady Richards

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