Little Camera, Big Picture

Cameras are a great way to capture exciting moments worth sharing. However, expensive, bulky cameras or onboard phone cameras aren’t always suitable for the right perspective when it comes to adventure.

Enter the action camera, whose miniature size and sturdy, resilient design make it the perfect lens to view the great outdoors.

Action cameras aren’t just for the extreme sports enthusiasts, either. Many point-of-view videos featuring impressive and risky feats come from action cams, but there’s plenty of other features for everyday use.

Whether it’s walking or snowboarding, action cams are small and unobtrusive. There’s little worry about the camera and more enjoyment of the activity.

POV video is the most popular use for action cameras, as the viewer can feel as if they are immersed in the activity on the screen.

Time-lapse and night-lapse video speed up footage record transitions between time and physical location. These features are excellent for filming scenic drives, or capturing a sunset and the rising stars.

Slow-motion footage extends the greatest moments of adventures in beautifully rendered high definition. This makes it easier to enjoy every frame of a cascading waterfall or a huge stunt.

Cameras like the GoPro Hero 8 Black represent the latest in Electronic Image Stabilization technology (EIS) that help to frame steady shots when any motion is involved.

With HyperSmooth recording, hikers can take on a rugged trail and have super smooth 4K footage of their favorite spots.

Yuri Bertacchi, a junior communication major, has been using GoPro cameras since the company’s release of the Hero 4.

“I love skydiving, and I use HyperSmooth to stabilize my video,” Bertacchi said, speaking of his GoPro. “It’s super nice because it’s super tiny, super small — it fits in your pocket.”

Many action cams are waterproof or have waterproof accessories that allow the camera to get wet. From rafting to scuba diving, an action cam can come along.

Some cameras also have two lenses that function to record a 360 degree field of view. Simply start recording and the camera does the work, capturing every angle.

Of all the great reasons action cams are used in outdoors and sports industries, convenience, reliability and quality are big strengths of these small cameras.

Story by: Reyce Knutson
Photos by: Reyce Knutson, and Frame Harirak and Oliver Sjöström on Unsplash