Lost College Student? Find Your Way With On-Campus Resources

College is the first time that they have been away from home. Without the aid of friends or family, it’s easy to seem lost on campus when trying to find resources. 

Although SUU is a smaller college, students can have trouble knowing who to turn to when feeling lost, alone or misunderstood. There are several resources on campus that can aid students in feeling welcome and at home in Cedar City and at SUU.

The Center of Diversity & Inclusion

This is the center for many cultural and identity-based clubs on SUU’s campus. The CDI provides emotional and financial support in addition to a social atmosphere for students from historically marginalized communities.

Clubs found in the CDI such as the LatinX Student Alliance, Black Student Union, and Pride and Equality Club.

They host several events throughout the year through cultural showcases, cultural banquets and club meetings.

The CDI is located at in the Sharwin Student Center in ST 101 and is open to all SUU faculty and staff to facilitate conversations and support a learning atmosphere between different cultures and identities.

Counseling and Psychological Services 

This resource is available to all SUU students and is free and confidential. CAPS works to provide students with counseling and resources in addressing the stress and trials faced by college students.

CAPS is located at 136 W. University Blvd. in Cedar City. Students are encouraged to make an appointment or call at 435-865-8621 to learn more or initiate counseling services.

Non-Traditional Student Services

Non-traditional students face unique challenges when pursuing a higher education, and this office can assist these students in a variety of ways. Non-traditional Services represent any students who are 25 or older, married, widowed, divorced, have dependent children, or have had a significant break in school. 

They strive to provide non-traditional students with a space to address financial or familial needs, in addition to connecting non-traditional students with resources on and off-campus.

The Non-Traditional Student Services are located in the Sharwan Smith Student Center in ST 174. 

Veterans Resource and Support Center

Veterans on SUU campus are encouraged to visit the Veterans Resource and Support Center to help military-connected students pursue their goals in higher education in addition to military retainment and recruitment. They create and connect military students to programs and services to support military individuals and the specific challenges faced in college for these students.

The Veterans Resource and Support Center is located in the Sharwan Smith Student Center in ST 113. Their phone number is 435-865-8477 and their email is veterans@suu.edu.

Title IX Office

This on-campus resource provides a safe environment that advocates for students, faculty, and staff members in cases of gender discrimination, sexual harassment or assault. They provide support to these individuals f and help them to take immediate steps in eliminating discrimination and connecting them to resources on and off campus. 

The Title IX office is located in the Bennion Building in office 111. Students and campus staff can contact Title IX through email at title9@suu.edu or call their office at 435-586-5419.

The International Student & Scholar Services

This resource is specifically for international students during their time at SUU. The ISSS provides visa information, employment advocation, and international transcript articulation to SUU’s international students. The ISSS is meant to aid the stressful transition to going to school in a foreign country for international students by providing comfort and aid. 

ISSS is available on campus to advocate for international students to promote academic success and social opportunities. 

ISSS additionally hosts a variety of school wide programs and events that expose and educate students across campus about the international students and cultures that can be found in the SUU student body and staff. 

Students can find the ISSS in the Sharwan Smith Student Center in room ST 169, or call them at 435-586-1995, or email them at internationalaid@suu.edu.

Health & Wellness Center

The Health & Wellness Center aids students with peer support, preventative health education, and accurate health information.

The Health & Wellness Center encourages students to be mindful of both their mental and physical health. The Health & Wellness Center provides free tampons, condoms, and other toiletries to students. This office also hosts wellness walks every Monday to promote good mental health and connection.

The Health and Wellness Center is located in the Sharwan Smith Student Center in room ST 175. You can also call them at 435-865-8435.

These resources are all free for SUU students and are meant to support SUU’s student, faculty, and staff during the semester on and off campus. Students are encouraged to reach out to these offices at any time.

Story by Alex Greenwell


Photo Courtesy of Unsplash.com